Saturday, April 04, 2009

Episode 194: NWA Day 6

The ride back from Wales was less wearying than the ride there, partly because we stopped midway at a service station for about 45 minutes. I started reading Sir Gawain And The Green Knight in the original Middle English, but it's proved to be slower going than getting through Tolkien's Modern English translation. The latter really helped to make the structure of the poem apparent, something that's hard to keep in mind when you're struggling through the incomprehensible vocabulary of the Gawain-poet. Have been busy sorting out things like laundry and clearing e-mails since I got back. I can't believe I got more than 400 spam e-mails in less than a week! Caught up on my TV shows too, with Gossip Girl and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles turning up brilliant episodes. House was quite disappointing. While narrating the story from the patient's point of view provided some initial novelty, the episode overall was somewhat tedious, although I loved the exchange between House and Cameron when after her display of astuteness he goes, 'Why did I fire you again?' and she replies, 'You didn't. I quit.' Can I just say that one scene completely encapsulates why the new team is so boring in comparison with the old team?

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