Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Episode 211: Someone Needs To Allegorise My Life

Despite having gone through two years of NS, I still lack a sense of urgency. I managed to avoid touching my EN121 essay all day by working on, get this, my French rédactions. So I've got three of those done, just needing to be printed. What I do not have is 2000-2500 words on the role of Prince Arthur in Spenser's allegorical schema in The Faerie Queene. That said, I have some key ideas that I mean to explore, so perhaps all is not lost yet. Yeah, I might even write the first paragraph after the introduction tonight! This is after messing around with the introduction turned the original first sentence into something that I'm going to end up saving for my penultimate or antepenultimate paragraph. Writing essays without drafting beforehand is quite an exciting experience, as you can see. The following Latin ditty is going to contribute to a significant point in my essay, but I'm not sure if I want to quote it in full:

Littera gesta docet,
Quod credas allegoria.
Moralia quod agas,
Quo tendas anagogia.

Seems much too pretentious to throw that in the essay, even for me. Plus it looks like a cheap attempt to pad the word count. Anyway, it's talking about the fourfold interpretive method of Biblical hermeneutics. If you understood the previous sentence without resorting to Google, please leave a comment. I want to be your friend and eat your brain. Thanks!

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