Sunday, April 19, 2009

Episode 209: Granado Espada Revisited

When my alarm went off this morning, my first instinct was to turn it off, go back to sleep and skip church. Glad I changed my mind though! Spent the afternoon after getting back from church on Granado Espada. Mostly throwing vis around to get stuff. Like a Veteran Fighter! Didn't actually do much in the way of playing though. Will do that when I get back to Singapore, or at least after I get my remaining essays behind me. So after munching on some chips, I'm going back to doing reading for the EN122 essay. Have decided that until I at least start writing something for that, I'm not going to worry about the EN121 essay, since that's not even assessed. Have to turn out three short rédactions for French on Thursday, so need to start thinking about that too. Maybe I'll actually try and get one done tonight before I sleep? A bit of a pain though, since I really don't need the practice that badly. I should stop procrastinating though, at least over the rédactions. How hard can it be to turn out three, each about 200 words long? Just pick a topic, log into Authentik Digital, and grab some articles related to the topics we've covered so far. Sigh...

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