Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Episode 204: Housing 1, Essay 0

Am trying very hard to continue with The Warwick Review essay, and I've managed to get further, but still not enough to allow me to finish this tonight like I'd originally planned to. Was out all day settling housing and wandering around Coventry. At least there was Starbucks and cinnamon to end off the afternoon! I've confirmed that Primark leaves me completely cold. I don't care about the ethical issues, since if you want to be genuinely bothered by stuff like that, there's going to be a lot of the modern world that you can't accept anyway. I just find the stuff it sells cheap, in both senses of the word. It's basics, I understand that, but I'm totally beyond basic apparel right now. The only thing I have from Primark is a hoodie, and that only because it has a nice geometrical design. Wandered into Topman for a bit, hoping to pick up some bargains since they were having a sale. No such luck. The only thing I wanted was a pair of faded black skinny jeans, but you won't believe how skinny it was. It was more like wearing tights, although I must admit it brought out my calves quite nicely. Haha...

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