Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Episode 218: Canley/Earlsdon Cell

Slept till about noon today because I was so tired, and then I headed out to meet Mel at the Library. Was supposed to help her out with printing something, but she got it sorted out in the end, so we just caught up over lunch instead. She went to hand her work in after that, while I went back to the Library to borrow some poetry, to hopefully inspire me as I get started tomorrow on my 4000-word portfolio. Was struck once again by how little I actually read, even just within the genre of poetry, so I decided to take a chance and borrow something more contemporary: Chris McCabe's The Hutton Inquiry. I'll be sure to let you know if it's any good. Then I went back to my room and basically wasted my life away until it was time for cell. Yeah, I've finally joined a cell group at my church. I've missed that, the whole having this smaller group of Christians to meet with. I think I'm one of those people who pretend like they're fine being alone, and sometimes it's actually true, but at other times, it's kind of a lot better just to be around people. So I guess in the same way that I was grateful last term for the formation of the Varsity crew, this term, I'm grateful for finding a cell that I feel comfortable in. I really suppose I should thank Chernise when I next see her, since if I'd never gone to New Word Alive, I probably wouldn't have met John and been invited to join the cell.

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