Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Episode 205: One More Done!

I've just finished The Warwick Review essay. I don't think it's very great, certainly not up to my usual standard of work, but I can't be bothered to continue tweaking something that's only worth 10% of a module for which I already have decent marks for 20% and have a good idea of what it'll take to nail at least another 30%. At least I know the first third of the essay is making some sort of argument, according to Eugene. The remainder descends into narration interspersed with some original thought. I like my triangle metaphor a lot, even though I don't think I've done it much justice. Still, if I keep obsessing, I'm never going to be able to move on to any other work, and the situation, while hardly dire, should still be brought under control while the deadlines are still more than a week away. Will go print out the essay and the portfolio after I'm done with this entry, and then I'm finally leaving the Library! I've been here since about 1.30 pm, after lunch with Jerrick at Café Xanana. It was the first time I ate there and I love the Black Forest sundae there now. The prices are a lot steeper than on the rest of campus though. Sigh...

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