Saturday, April 18, 2009

Episode 208: Pizza Party!

It seems like every day where I accomplish something substantial in the way of work needs to be balanced immediately by a day in which nothing gets done at all. Spent the later half of the morning and the start of the afternoon practising 'Short People' for Thursday and singing random songs in the Music Centre. (Gutted to realise I might not make it down to the first Varsity night of next term!) Thought about reading The Magic Toyshop when I got back to my room, then changed me mind and started on The Interpretation Of Dreams. Didn't get too far with it though because I got distracted by Granado Espada. Yeah, I've logged in again after ages of doing nothing with my account. Sometimes I wonder why I bother, seeing as I'm not exactly a hardcore gamer. Still, the graphics are nice, I love a good deal of the game's soundtrack, and I've still got a lot of G-Points to spend, so I might as well stick with the game for a while more. Anyway, so after not doing any work, I allowed myself to go to Keegan's pizza party, where we had Domino's and the conversation was delightfully random. It was very amusing to discover the random facts that comprise part of Keegan's psyche. Unfortunately, Keegan, you're still not getting any money even if my biography of you does come out!

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