Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Episode 212: The Elusive Sunshine Of The Sullied Mind

I'm meant to finish this essay by tonight, but it seems unlikely that it's actually going to happen. I haven't got the willpower to see it all the way through! Will probably leave a bit of it for tomorrow morning before Jim's seminar. Can't be arsed anymore really, need to get on with the EN122 essay on Carter and Freud, and I haven't got a lot of time to read the texts and write the essay. Plus I don't trust my brilliance enough to hand it in a day late and get marks docked. I do so want a First for this essay again. Would be such a shame to break the streak in this module, especially since I've pretty much figured out what Adam regards as good argumentation. I did get to have a lovely picnic with the usual suspects at Heronbank though, despite showing up late because of rehearsing 'Short People', so at least my day wasn't a complete failure. The sun kept getting hidden by the clouds, unfortunately, so the second half of the picnic was spent in the cold, with the only heat being generated by our saucy conversation. Lucy, we love you dearly, but you say the most outrageous things sometimes!

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