Thursday, April 09, 2009

Episode 199: One Down, A Lot To Go

I finally shaved after three days because I went out for groceries and didn't want to look scruffy. I swear that eating less for the past couple of days has made my face leaner. Probably more a function of not having junk food around. Will have to be more disciplined about rationing what I've bought today. On the work front, I tweaked a couple of lines in the script and finished the commentary. Sum total of my achievement today. I think the script's not bad as it is, but I've sent it to Bella and Eugene for feedback. The accompanying commentary is a little rambling, and I ended up writing too much, so I excised bits here and there, and hopefully it's better now. Now that the EN124 portfolio's out of the way, tomorrow I can continue reading Women Editing Modernism and possibly even write a paragraph or two for The Warwick Review essay. Need to decide what's my focus going to be, but I'll only know for sure after reading all the relevant chapters in the book. Hopefully, writing this essay will take until, at the very latest, next Tuesday. Then I can start working on everything else. Sigh...

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