Monday, April 27, 2009

Episode 217: Graduation Glamour

I finished, and even had time left over to read through the whole essay again and attempt to spruce it up a little, which resulted in me adding over 200 words that hopefully made my line of argument clearer. Am convinced that the essay is going to be a disappointment compared to everything else I've written for EN122 up to this point, but I suppose if I get some outrageously low mark, then it's a lesson to me, and one that I truly deserve. It's funny how all my academic life, I've been getting these little reminders that consistent work actually pays off, and I'm not really one of those people who can always produce great work at the last minute. Not that it doesn't happen, just that I shouldn't rely on it happening as an excuse to slack off! Graduation Glamour was fun, and I'm pretty glad I decided to go, even though I was ridiculously tired by then. I mean, I basically spent the EN123 lecture dozing off, although the screening of Beckett's Come And Go was intriguing. That and Laura and I scrawling out a conversation on my lecture handout was pretty amusing. I don't think I've done something like that since primary school, when we used to pass around pieces of paper and have conversations that way, so that our teacher wouldn't scold us for talking. We were obviously anticipating the era of MSN Messenger and its kindred. So I've uploaded all my pictures from Singapore Day and Graduation Glamour, as well as tagged the appropriate people. It's time to crash...

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