Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Episode 198: ...And Then We Met Them

As you can see from the title of this entry, the radio play has been retitled. Again. I am going to finish it before going to bed though. Showed the first three scenes to Bella, and she gave some sensible suggestions again, so I've edited and will carry on writing from there, whilst finishing the last of Doctor Who. Whoever scripted the Series 4 finale was good, although two episodes might not have been enough to do everything justice, given that they were basically the mother of all crossover episodes. We're not going to sign the contract tomorrow anymore, but I still need to get food, so I'll have to get dressed and make a trip down to Iceland and Tesco just for groceries and snacks. I have also decided that I really can't be bothered to churn out a couple of poems just to include them in this portfolio, so I'm going to extend the radio play back to what I originally planned, i.e. five scenes. Would really like to get this done, and then I'll write the 500-word commentary for it when I wake up, which won't be a problem at all because I'm just going to rattle on about how the idea developed as I went along. Then I'll (hopefully) start on The Warwick Review essay after coming back from Cannon Park Shopping Centre. That's my plan for tomorrow anyway...

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