Thursday, April 23, 2009

Episode 213: Just One More (And I'm Not Talking About Pints)

'Short People' for Charity Night went well. So now people know that I can actually sing. Haha! Got my French test results back today and I was very pleased with them. 88% for the listening bit and 90% for the written stuff. If only the rest of my degree were this easy! I am so doing a French language module for credit next year. I did end up leaving the rest of the essay till this morning, and I only got it done because whilst chatting with Laura on Facebook, she reminded me that Jim's seminar was at noon, when all the while I'd been thinking I'd only have to be on Central Campus at 2 pm, which is actually the time for my French class, not the EN123 seminar. Can't imagine what I was thinking! So out of desperation, I dashed off the remainder of the essay, and now I'm all set to begin on the EN122 essay tomorrow. That I will hopefully complete by Sunday night, even if we all know that's wishful thinking and I'm certainly going to be doing it right until before the EN121 lecture at noon. Don't you just love deadlines? I could have made a start in the evening, I guess, but that would have meant missing Varsity, and that's just inexcusable. To me, anyway. Will have to be more disciplined about the next set of deadlines in May. 10000 words!

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