Thursday, April 16, 2009

Episode 206: And Soon Another Will Follow

Have decided that I will venture to the Library once more tomorrow and get my CM1 portfolio done. Have started by completing a few more of the assignments that involve personal response and hence don't require much in the way of citations. Will almost certainly be able to finish the portfolio tomorrow, especially if I'm going to stay as late as I did the last time. Will bring along stuff to read for the EN122 essay, since that would be the most urgent piece of work once the portfolio's done. (The EN121 essay doesn't really count because it's unassessed!) I guess doing work isn't as hard as I thought it would be after all. Either that or there's enough pressure now to motivate myself. I must say though, the portfolio for the WSC module is really like Project Work in JC all over again. Maybe it's just this module, but I can't help feeling like it's possible to not attend the sessions at all, do a bit of reading and then the assignments, and still pass, without having absorbed any of the supposed lessons at all. I mean, I just faked a Gantt chart that supposedly maps out my work schedule for Easter vacation and the first three weeks of Summer Term, after the break is almost over and there's no way any work I did thus far even vaguely corresponds to the timeline in the chart. Sounds familiar, anyone?

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