Thursday, April 02, 2009

Episode 192: NWA Day 4

Attended the seminar on medical ethics again, focusing on abortion this time. It's curious to learn that the same institution, i.e. the British Medical Association, opposes euthanasia but supports abortion. To be somewhat reductionist, whether you support abortion or not depends on when you consider life to begin. It used to be that statements of medical ethics agreed with Christians that life should be protected from conception. However, such statements have by and large been amended to be more vague. Personally, I had my doubts that abortion ought to be completely prohibited. Surely in cases of rape, or to save the mother's life, exceptions were permissible? The speaker gave some statistics though, which suggest that abortion for physical health reasons is startlingly rare, and in the case of rape, most victims actually choose to carry the child to term. Whatever the case, Christians should believe that life is sacred from the moment of conception, and hence, abortion is always regarded as the intentional taking of an innocent human being's life. On a whim, decided to drift along with some people from my caravan to an apologetics seminar. The speaker used to be a Zen Buddhist monk! I quite enjoyed his talk, good balance between humour and teaching. Randomly, I've been introduced to the humour of Family Guy. It feels like The Simpsons without as much brainlessness? Still, not the sort of thing I'd go out of my way to catch on TV.

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