Sunday, April 05, 2009

Episode 195: Gearing Up...

I had the weirdest dream last night. It started out in some facility that was a cross between concentration camp and school. Everyone was in a cooking class, grinding spices. I remember using a plate to try and fill a pot with hot water. Anyway, I knew the cooking instructor was some evil entity and wasn't too surprised when the lights suddenly went out. Oddly enough, everyone else must have been thinking the same thing because they fled without hesitation. The exit was strangely an identical replica of the RI back gate. The dream then turned into an inconclusive chase sequence that began in Bishan but soon changed locale to an urban sprawl loosely based on Hong Kong. The last thing I remember was trying on my grey G2 Black Label shirt in front of a computer screen, playing some really inane game. Am now editing the first scene of my radio play, in light of a suggestion Alex gave last night for possible plot developments. I'm going to change the title too. I guess I was too hung up on having the plot unfold in a certain way, and that was keeping me from moving forward because the beginning was good, the planned ending was fine, but the middle, I just couldn't seem to see it happening. I may have a better idea now for a more realistic sequence of events, and perhaps I will write four scenes instead of five and add on some performance poetry instead. Will get into the swing of things fully tomorrow. Today will be simply for reading, unless some truly brilliant bit of dialogue comes to mind after my editing of the first scene.

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