Monday, April 13, 2009

Episode 203: Hopelessly Distracted

You know you're hopelessly distracted when you close Facebook, switch to Microsoft Word for one second, and then open Facebook again because no sentence pops into your mind immediately. Have read everything that I had planned to for this essay though, so I'm just waiting for a clear line of argument to crystallise. The trouble is with condensing everything I've read into something coherent and sensible. Condense too little, and I've got an essay that jumps all over the place more than Hayden Christensen in a bad film. Condense too much, and I'll wind up like Oliver Twist. Please, sir, can I have some more? Word count for the essay is currently 246/2500. That's nearly 10% done! Amazing. I'm sure this essay can be finished in one sitting tomorrow after I get back from signing housing stuff; it's simply a question of whether I can be disciplined enough to do it. On a happier note, Twitter and Vodafone are playing nice with each other again! So I've added my handphone back to my account and will soon be happily tweeting again. Hopefully, one of my updates tomorrow will be to announce the completion of The Warwick Review essay...

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