Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Episode 618: Drinks + Leamington > Revision + Coventry

Still haven't done the things that I should have, like collecting a second batch of titles for WSC or doing a draft Harris matrix for Saturday's lesson, but I did get some more re-reading done for EN238. Had to go to campus to zap a copy of the revision lecture handout for Dan, but my stupid iPod was being cranky and my laptop's running out of space, and technological crises are too tempting not to attempt to resolve, so I ended up arriving a full hour after he did. (Sorry about that!) Had band practice in the evening, so I wasn't planning on turning up at Christian's drinking session in Leamington. Practice ended earlier than I expected though, so it was only about 8 pm by the time I left church. Figured I'd turn up for drinks if I could get a 12 that would put me in Leamington by 9.30 pm, which I did manage to catch. Having travelled back and forth from there a couple of times over the past few days, I'm actually quite surprised by how little time it takes, now that practically nobody gets on or off between campus and Leamington. (Yeah, Jerrick, it's like nobody likes Kenilworth, despite it being so pretty and all.) Oh, by the way, my book review is up here, so if you'll excuse my shameless self-promotion and check out the other stuff Evolve Journal has to offer, I'd be most grateful!

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