Saturday, June 19, 2010

Episode 635: Boom

So the paper went okay, sort of. The questions I needed to come out did come out, but I think my organisation of the essays wasn't strong enough to do any of my ideas justice at all, so can't expect more than a mid 2:1 from this, I guess. Damn it, that's not enough for a First on this module with the essay marks I already have. Would be more upset about this, but I'm at that stage where I just want the academic stuff to be over and done with, so really couldn't care anymore. (I'll eat my words for sure when it comes to applying for MA sponsorship from MOE and I don't have a First overall because I've adopted the same attitude for my final year.) So just one more paper to go on Monday, and I'm free for the next two weeks. Well, sort of. There's still that archaeology report to compile, which is going to take a while, even if I don't try too hard and just throw together some data hashed out from all the stuff I've got floating about. Then there's another book review to write, and possibly have to start tweeting regularly for that journal as well. Plus there's that blogging stint at Incwriters coming up in a month. Argh. All these things I would normally enjoy individually, but their conjunction is almost feeling like it's too much to take. Almost. I'm literally not used to having what passes for a busy schedule in my book. Oh, Doctor Who was awesome tonight, by the way, in case you were wondering. Quite a good way to decompress after an afternoon of furious scribbling, although I wish I liked Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie more. It really isn't that impressive a flavour.

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