Thursday, June 03, 2010

Episode 619: Harris Matrix Draft

So I woke up at about 9.30 am and then decided to be productive, even though I'd planned on sleeping till much later. Spent the morning looking for the second batch of film titles, and then in the afternoon, I decided to start cracking on my Harris matrix draft, which I've just finished now, after getting back from cluster at church. Have done it in Word because it's just silly to draw it by hand, although I will do that if the tutor insists. It's just so much easier to edit in Word, and it actually looks very good. Tidy, clean lines. I could so have gone into architecture. Or engineering. I'm pretty sure there are at least two or three mistakes in what I've done, but on the whole, it's on the right track, I'm absolutely certain. Now if only there wasn't a report to write as well. Only 1500 words, but it's painful when you have no clue what you're actually doing for once. Oh well! It's such a shame that I had to spend a bit of the afternoon doing this, when I could've been outside the entire time, topping up my tan. I did manage to get some time under the sun, but not nearly enough. I want a tan, damn it!

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