Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Episode 638: Little Bits Of Happiness

I'd planned to begin on that report today, but having looked again at what it's required to cover, I've realised that this report effectively calls for duplicating about half of the one that I did for the autumn module, so I've got less work cut out for me than I thought. Could probably get the whole thing done in a day now, if I set aside a few hours for it. This has made me very, very pleased indeed. Another thing to be pleased about was finding a promotional code for National Express and getting my coach to Heathrow at half-price! That was a steal. Anyway, I've begun reading for fun again, now that it's actually not guilt-inducing anymore. Read George Ttoouli's Static Exile in the early hours of the morning, and I really enjoyed the title poem. Will say that I found the collection more accessible than I thought it would be. Then this afternoon, I read Skipping Without Ropes by Jack Mapanje, which I found interesting as well, as Mapanje writes from a background which it's almost impossible for me to relate to. (I honestly don't think that I'm ever going to be imprisoned for my writing. Ever.) Am, of course, still continuing to make my way through The City & The City. Just finished the first part, so the action's switching from Besźel to Ul Qoma and things are beginning to get complicated.

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