Sunday, June 06, 2010

Episode 622: The New Poetry

Just done the titles for the week that nobody signed up for. Still don't have remote desktop access though, so I can't upload anything yet. Managed to read about a third of The New Poetry in the Library between morning and evening services (was singing today), and that was after having a longish chat with Gaby over tea. The Library is starting to reek of sweat and desperation, by the way. Not very pleasant. Was very glad for the rain today though. It was kind of getting too warm to concentrate on anything! Mel has repeatedly assured me that the EN227 paper isn't a difficult one, so I'm hoping she's right. I guess I just need to focus and start do a bit of research, enough to throw in a bit of contextual knowledge. I'll feel more confident about the essays then. The New Poetry, incidentally, is pretty good, although because it came out so long ago, it's a bit strange to look at the dates of birth for most of the poets, who are largely in their 60s by now. Doesn't mean they don't still sound fresh though. From the selection in the anthology alone, Paul Durcan has definitely secured a place in my list of favourite poets.

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