Thursday, June 17, 2010

Episode 633: Tick

Woke up this morning and was strangely productive, if you consider skimming articles for possible quotes to be productive. I got pretty much everything that I think I'll use on Saturday by about 2 pm, and since Sophie happened to be in the Library, I got her to print off 18 pages for me and stick it in a book for me to pick up when I got to campus. Very pseudo-espionage. Have read those pages twice today, and bits of them are finally starting to stick in my head. My favourite is still Edward Hirsch: 'Lyric poetry speaks out of a solitude to a solitude.' I'm randomly quite pleased that I can finally remember the start of that Shelley quote, i.e. 'A poet is a nightingale who sit in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds,' although what comes after that has yet to fix itself in my head beyond 'his auditors are'. I suppose the first part is what matters for my essay though? Right, think I'm going to go off and read the 18 pages again. Need to try harder to remember stuff. I mean, all the poems rhyme, so that's already a big help, isn't it?

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