Friday, June 18, 2010

Episode 634: Tock

Should I be happy that an editor whose critical views I personally don't respect that much (because I find them too vitriolic and sarcastically dismissive to be taken seriously) has rejected my work for not being to his taste? At least for a change, I'm confident that the stuff I sent in was actually rather good, if I may say so. Oh well. As of right now, have read those 18 pages for tomorrow's paper seven times in total, with at least one more round before I go to bed, and another round tomorrow before leaving the house. Hopefully, everything'll work out like it did last year and I'll surprise myself by getting a decent mark again. Noticed something interesting in the 'Willowwood' sonnets, so that might be useful to stick in my essay somewhere, especially when comparing to some minor points I wanted to make about form in Levy's short lyrics. I feel like I'm being a bit too blasé about tomorrow, but at the same time, I feel like the amount of preparation I've put in is commensurate with how hard I secretly think it's going to be, although I would never publicly admit it. This is mostly me trusting Mel's judgement, I guess, since our perspectives on academic difficulty are likely to coincide, given our common educational background. Will update on how it went tomorrow...

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