Monday, June 28, 2010

Episode 644: AdHoc Slam

Packed schedule today! Popped to Westwood Campus to hand in my report, and along the way, I got a call from a chirpy lady canvassing donations for Oxfam, so had to spend some time on that, even though I was already late for meeting Bella. I did commit to donating, £15 each month, but I've got a month to change my mind because the direct debit only kicks in at the end of July. Will probably have to cancel it, simply because there isn't actually money in my account. Oh well. It was good to catch up with Bella, just chatting about stuff in general. Had a good chat with Lola too, when I got home from the AdHoc slam-cum-fundraiser. That went quite well, although I couldn't stay till the end. I don't think I've ever heard Sophie Mac play live, and I thought she was great! Would've liked to have stayed out with everyone, but I've got to continue packing tomorrow, as well as start cleaning the bathroom, so missing the last bus back to Coventry was sadly out of the question. I've still got far too much that needs to go into boxes, and I'm definitely over the limit for my luggage, so I'm going to have to leave even more stuff behind now. Argh...

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