Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Episode 625: Books, Books, And More Books

Got both portfolios back today, and they turned out okay. Had hoped for better, but I'll take what I've got. Still, thank goodness for my French marks. Even though they're not going to be as fantastic as I'd been aiming for initially, they're totally fulfilling their purpose of pulling up my average. (All of this, naturally, only matters because I need a First if I want to have a shot at getting sponsored by MOE for a Masters.) Also picked up a lot of books at the department's book sale, most of them being free books donated by tutors. A lot of poetry, mostly from Shearsman. Carried it all the way home, and thankfully, it only started raining after I'd got home. Mad props, by the way, to the delivery guy who showed up just before 10 pm with my books from Amazon UK. Talk about crazy dedication from a shipping company that's usually pretty lousy. Among the books they've brought me is Peter Blegvad's The Book Of Leviathan, which should prove interesting reading when I'm not pretending to revise. Speaking of which, I have finally begun re-reading the Romantics. Have only gone through part of Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, which is still brilliant. Coming up though, is Charlotte Smith's 'Beachy Head'. That's going to be painful. Randomly, there's a fly in my room and it's really annoying because I can't catch it. Also randomly, for the amount of effort I put into making sure we don't get cheated of our money, my housemates really should pay me. Haha...

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