Friday, June 04, 2010

Episode 620: Revision Blues...

So the flash fiction I wrote a while back is in The Green Bike Stories from Six Sentences! My biography at the end looks embarrassingly wordy compared to the majority of the other contributors. I tried to catch some rays in the afternoon, but that only worked out for about an hour before intermittent cloud cover drove me back inside. (Incidentally, Tesco must be conspiring to make students fat. Buy one, get one free for Doritos, less than half-price for Pringles? Madness. I caved, naturally.) I've managed to re-read all my lecture/seminar notes for EN227, which has led me to conclude that I really don't care much for most of the Romantics, and this is definitely going to be the biggest problem for my revision, not being able to find poets and themes that I want to write about for that half of the module. The Victorians aren't as hard to choose for, mainly because their obsessions are things that I am personally drawn to as themes anyway, and who can't like a group of poets as neurotic as them? Still not buying Hopkin's sprung rhythm though. It works fine when you read it on the page or aloud, but try and read his technical explanation of it, and the whole thing smacks of trying too hard.

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