Monday, June 14, 2010

Episode 630: The Weather Is Still Bipolar

Woke up early to wait for DHL to collect one of my boxes, but the guy didn't show up until after noon. Oh well. Then waited some more until the latest delivery of books arrived, out of which I was returning two. Taped everything up, and then did a balancing act with two boxes in hand and one parcel in my bag on the bus ride to campus. I could have just walked to the post office further down, but I wanted to return a book to the Library anyway. Have spent most of the time since then procrastinating and reading The Bloodaxe Book Of Poetry Quotations, edited by Dennis O'Driscoll. It's actually quite entertaining, and I'm telling myself that this will be useful for EN238 next Monday, so I've actually done work today for a change. I've looked up some articles that might be relevant for the EN227 essays anyway, although I suspect a lot of my argument this time is going to be me imposing logic on my close readings, as opposed to relying on a bunch of critics to do it for me. So basically, I'll finally be doing what my tutors have been gently recommending since last year.

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