Saturday, June 05, 2010

Episode 621: Poets/Themes Chosen!

So my Harris matrix was apparently pretty much 100% correct, save for those bits that I wasn't sure about. Have corrected and printed it out, so that's 20% of the assessment in the bag. Should probably get cracking on the report that constitutes 80%, and it's totally going to be an exercise in making up stuff that I don't actually understand fully. Sort of. What could go wrong? Headed to the Library after that to force myself to figure out what I want to do for EN227. Have settled on John Keats and John Clare in relation to nature and solitude, as well as Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Amy Levy in relation to sexuality and religion. I really hope I don't regret those choices eventually! I deliberately picked two pairs of poets that could be used for two themes (although I'm on slightly shaky ground regarding the theme of nature), as I'm lazy and don't feel quite up to learning more than a pair of poets for each half of the module. In line with this general burst of sudden industry, I've finished packing one of my boxes to be shipped back! Have estimated that I should be just under the weight limit, seeing as the box is full to the brim with only paperbacks and it makes no sense to create a box for books that can't be filled completely without exceeding the weight limit. Right?

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