Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Episode 645: Cleaning...

I've always thought Enver Gjokaj a brilliant actor since I saw him in Dollhouse, so I'm quite pleased that he's just appeared as a guest star on Lie To Me. Don't think it's very original though, his character having such a similar story to Victor in Dollhouse. It's almost like he's being typecast. I spent the afternoon packing, and I'm practically done now. Worst comes to worse, I'll just chuck whatever's left in a plastic bag and dump it upstairs, rather than arranging it all properly. It does look, however, quite impossible to fit all of this into just one taxi when I come back in September! Might ask a housemate to do me a favour and meet me in Coventry and follow a second taxi back. I'd pay, of course. Have also sprayed the bathroom with bleach, and that's got rid of most of the stains, except for a couple of really stubborn ones on the grouting of the bathtub. I even found time to write a story for the latest Six Sentences competition, my story for the last anthology having just been accepted. David Tait's also given me a couple of online magazines to review, so I need to get started on those at some point. It seems like I'm not going to get any time to breathe during my weekends either! Am kind of glad now that my attachment projects sound like they definitely wouldn't require me to bring work home from the office.

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