Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode 639: Lots And Lots Of Plays!

Got my hair cut today, although Michelle insisted there was no difference when I bumped into her outside Curiositea. Oh well. Borrowed a whole bunch of plays from the Library to read, now that I've just finished with Dove Release: New Flights And Voices, edited by David Morley. You've got to love Methuen for publishing their volumes of Collected Plays. It really is very handy. Bella and I both agree that plays are probably the easiest genre to read, and I for one find them to be so precisely because I don't actually study them on my course. (Well, I will next year!) Typed out some tweets for Evolve Journal in preparation for when I finally have time to tweet regularly for the journal, but I'm starting to think that 10-15 tweets daily is a bit unrealistic. Every alternate day seems more manageable to be honest. That and it's not that easy to find material that's actually worth tweeting to all our followers! I also thought of getting back into the submissions game, now that I've a bit more time on my hands, but too many of the places I'm planning to submit to have rejected me within the past month or so, so it feels kind of pointless to try them again. I did send off two anyway, receiving another record-breaking reply. This time, it was eight minutes between submission and rejection, and I sent four poems, so this editor gave each one about twice as much reading time as the last editor I wrote about, who gave each one less than a minute. I'm getting a bit grumpy about this, aren't I?

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