Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Episode 632: The Buzz-phrase Is 'Paradoxical Solitude'

Am done with revision for Clare. Could be done with Keats as well, if I didn't want to do some reading up on the odes. Am sorely tempted not to do so, simply because I've just read a PhD thesis by a University of St Andrews student that I think would read very impressively even if all I did was borrow its main ideas and shove them into an essay that was about nature, and not specifically solitude. All I need is for a question on nature that's worded vaguely enough, and I can probably twist it to write the essay that I want to write. Of course, a vague question on solitude would be even better, but let's not be too greedy. Oh well. May just quickly skim through what I was going to read for the odes and see if there's anything in there on nature that I can pick out. Keats's odes would obviously be good to analyse, but they're just too long compared to the sonnets I've picked out, and I'm running out of time in which to memorise stuff. As it is, I'm probably going to end up paraphrasing most of my quotes from critics and picking out single words from the poem when doing the close reading. Incidentally, there's another anthology coming out from Six Sentences, this time for stories titled 'The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey'. I've submitted a story, which returns to the theme of prostitution I employed in 'The Green Bike'. I think it's a pretty interesting six-sentence story, so maybe this time I can win the prize money. (Just read the prizewinner from the last anthology, and I didn't think it was actually that great!)

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