Friday, June 25, 2010

Episode 641: Broke!

So after topping up our joint account in anticipation of another massive electricity bill, I'm basically broke. Technically, I still have about £15 for the next couple of days, which is manageable. I just have to stay at home and be a hermit. Anyway, I finished reading a collection of plays by Complicite, a British experimental theatre company. The plays were The Street Of Crocodiles, The Three Lives Of Lucie Cabrol and Mnemonic. I really like the company's philosophy of devising work, and the process produced strikingly different results in each of the plays. I think Mnemonic was probably my favourite, just because it had an amazing opening. Then I caught a film being screened in the Arts Centre, Catherine Allen's The Rotarians. I'd meant to see that the first time it was screened, and I even downloaded it off the Warwick website, but just never got around to watching it. It was interesting, as I knew practically nothing about the Rotarians before this, although having watched the film, it raised more questions in my mind than it answered. (Randomly, I just got scammed of about £9 while trying to complete a job on what seems the otherwise legitimate Short Task. Not amused at all.)

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