Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Episode 253: The Mercury Climbs...

Our spell of warm weather continues, with temperatures comparable to those back home in Singapore on a rainy day.How did I celebrate this spate of glorious sunshine, you ask? I got my hair cut. Yeah, the windswept look just wasn't working anymore. In fact, it was beginning to get very annoying. So my hair's back to a short crop, which I will allow to grow out for the remaining three weeks that I'm here. Also picked up the essay questions for EN123, and after figuring out which two questions I want to do, I went to the Library to pick up a few more books. I definitely have more material than I need, so it's just a matter of synthesising a sound argument. Twice. The good mark on my Heart Of Darkness essay was heartening, no pun intended. As expected, I've dropped Yeats from my list of writers to be revised, so I'm looking at a 2-3 split. Not sure if I'll revise Beckett, suppose it depends on whether I find anything terribly compelling and/or relevant in the criticism on him. Cooked for cell today, with some help from John. I thought everything turned out rather well, considering my inexperience, although I did splash sauce all over my t-shirt when the bottle of cooking oil slipped through my fingers. We shall see if the stains come out!

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