Thursday, June 25, 2009

Episode 276: Homeward Bound!

My journey back to Singapore got off to a slightly rocky start because the taxi was late. Was beginning to get worried, but it turned up just as I was about to call the company to send another. Arrived at Pool Meadow with plenty of time to spare, and then Tiffanie appeared, so there was company all the way till the flight itself. Got stuck sitting next to an obese woman on the coach, said experience convincing me that obese people should be made to pay for two seats instead of one. I was uncomfortable throughout the entire journey! I hope the woman felt at least a little guilty. Being a bit fleshy is okay, but when you begin encroaching on other people's personal space, I think that's a problem. Tiffanie and I checked in together, so we were probably below or just slightly over our combined 80-kg limit. Hooray to not being charged! I managed to see three films during the flight, as well as three episodes of Little Britain USA and an episode of Jamie's Ministry Of Food. I saw Watchmen, which initially confused me terribly since I've never read the comic, but I sort of figured out what was going on by the end. Then I saw this Chinese film, The Equation Of Love And Death, which again, left me slightly confused, but when all the dots connected, I thought it was quite brilliant. I would have happily read a book with a plot similar to that in terms of its convolution. In fact, I already have. Several times. Dragonball Evolution felt a little silly to me. No disrespect intended to fans of the manga, to which I'm sure they'll agree the film didn't do justice. It just felt like the whole thing had been dumbed down to fit American tastes. Also saw bits of He's Just Not That Into You, which for me was a failed attempt at cleverness and complexity. Didn't help that I was really sleepy by that time...

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