Monday, June 29, 2009

Episode 280: New Music, New Shows

Just saw the video for 'World Gone Crazy', the new Sleepthief single, featuring Coury Palermo. I'm liking it very much, especially Palermo's voice. Kind of reminds me of music from Emmy Rossum and Enya because of the layered vocals. Tweeted about it and Palermo actually replied to my tweet! I hope he releases an album soon, and meanwhile, I'll be waiting for Sleepthief's Labyrinthine Heart. My sleeping pattern's still a little messed up, so I took a nap in the afternoon instead of reading The New Poetry. Spent most of my time either reading Joanne Harris's The Evil Seed or checking out new shows. The anthology series, Masters Of Science Fiction, is interesting, kind of like the visual equivalent of reading a short story. (That's a slightly silly comment, since all the episodes were based on short stories in the first place.) 'What makes us human may one day be defined not by the gifts we posses, but by the virtues we lack.' That's a line that Stephen Hawking uttered in the third episode's closing scene. It's a bleak thought, if you're inclined to agree with it. Also saw the pilot episodes for Hung and Mental. The former's premise is a well-endowed man who tries to make a living out of his, uh, equipment. The pilot was a bit slow, took some time to find its footing, but it showed promise. Mental feels a bit derivative of House, although the scope of illness is more strictly confined and Chris Vance gets to keep his original accent (although you must admit, Hugh Laurie's American accent is flawless). I'm not sure what this show wants to be yet, nor whether it'll survive beyond one season, but as summer viewing while other shows have yet to return, I'll take it.

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