Friday, June 26, 2009

Episode 277: Back, Safe And Sound

There was a lot of turbulence during the flight, and the repetition of the announcement grew very tedious after the first five times I heard it. Didn't get much sleep during the flight, nor did I read much of the Ligotti handout, so I'm currently feeling very sleepy. I've managed to unpack all my books and clothes, and after sorting the clothes out, I've realised that I probably have enough clothes to open a charity shop! Books as well, but I'm too tired to get around to shelving those. Will do that tomorrow, since I won't be going out because of my self-imposed quarantine for the sake of social responsibility. Can't attend the briefing for my school attachment either, but apparently, they can send over the stuff that I need to know anyway. Will have plenty of time on my hands over the next couple of days, just to chill and read, possibly even write something. Have had a couple of lines that I've been turning over in my head since the start of the week, but they're final lines, so I need to place them in some sort of wider context. Credit is due to a phrase that Jerrick tweeted week ago, which inspired me.

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