Friday, June 12, 2009

Episode 263: The Woman In Black

Am not impressed by how the laminate of the replacement for my replacement battery cover is also starting to peel off. Am tempted to fire off an angry e-mail to the company that sold it to me, but I think it's pointless. Anyway, visited London today with Laura to see The Woman In Black. We saw Sophie for all of five minutes, she being en route to the Bubble. Spent about an hour in the British Museum, where I discovered a map in which the museum essentially implied Singapore wasn't one of the countries of Southeast Asia. It wasn't even on the map! Stopped by an Oxfam bookshop after that, where I picked up four volumes of poetry for just £12. Never heard of three of the poets before, but hey, at this kind of price, I figured I could afford to take a risk. Also managed to finish reading Emma-Jane Arkady's Lithium. Some good turns of phrase, but overall, I don't think it was an especially remarkable collection. As for The Woman In Black, it was as chilling as I remembered it from the performance I saw in Singapore, except that the audience back home didn't laugh quite as much as they did here. Frankly, I thought that was rather immature. While there were moments of humour in the play, the point at which there was the most laughter was a moment of tension, not hilarity, and I don't think the fault lay with the way the actors played it. Sorry, West End, you've actually managed to disappoint me. Never thought I'd say this, but possibly, just possibly, we might have a more mature audience in Singapore than London.

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Dan said...

"I picked up four volumes of poetry for just £12"

Ooh, whatcha get?

And yes, I wouldn't be in the least surprised by Singaporean audiences being more mature than London ones - they regard it less as an aesthetic experience than a chance to gain cultural capital ("Oh, we went to see the new David Hare at the National the other day" etc.)