Saturday, June 13, 2009

Episode 264: Pimm's Party!

Went to sleep at 4 am, so I kind of woke up past noon. Fun times. Didn't manage to get my laundry done in the day, so I had to do it after getting back from Antonia's Pimm's party. Not sure how much I had to drink there because after a while, we weren't exactly keeping track of the proportions being mixed. Had a good time though, apart from that weird guy who was pulling his pants down every couple of minutes. Alcohol, it would seem, really does do strange things to some people. Waking up late kind of ruined any plans for reading I might have had. At this rate, I'm not going to finish many of the books I've borrowed from the Library! I am presently being annoyed because the dryer has failed to live up to its name, more so than usual. This on top of the washing machine not removing the sauce stains from last week, and instead transferring them to two other items of clothing. May try washing them again if I can combine with Shen Ting's stuff to form a full load, otherwise I'm just going to bring everything back to Singapore and let my mum have a go at it with bleach. Should probably start my packing soon anyway...

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