Saturday, June 20, 2009

Episode 271: Alumni Day

Am about to head out to The Dirty Duck to meet Dan and whomever he's asked along for drinks. Spent most of the afternoon helping out for The Warwick Review. I say helping out, but all we really had to do was sit around, listen to readings, and try to hawk the magazine. During our shift at the stand in Humanities from 3 to 5 pm, Laura and I had just one person walk pass and stop. Gave her a free copy of a back issue and she took a subscription form, said she'd think about it. Anyway, I really enjoyed hearing Tiffany Atkinson, Claire Crowther and Carrie Etter read and talking with them. Hearing my friends read was also interesting, and I heard a lot of work today that I enjoyed, Conrad's in particular. I read just one of my own, and I picked 'Caged', which I should probably not read anymore just because I've read it thrice already, and I can predict what sort of reception it'll receive. Time to read something else when I next do a reading. The working lunch provided for us was also very, very satisfying to nibble on in between readings! I also mixed myself a cup of yuanyang by mistake. That's tea and coffee, with milk, in case you were wondering. A Hong Kong thing, which I've always been slightly curious about. I am happy to report that it doesn't taste awful, although it doesn't taste to-die-for either. Sugar helps, greatly. I'm in the midst of reorganising my photographs on Facebook in chronological order, as I've just noticed that albums can hold up to 200 pictures now. This is the sort of utterly pointless activity that I can only indulge in when the most pressing thing that needs to be done is finishing my packing. Haha...

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