Sunday, June 21, 2009

Episode 272: Almost Done With Packing!

Have finished reorganising my Facebook albums! It was tedious, and cost me more hours of sleep than the unimportance of the task justified, but I feel vaguely satisfied, now that it's done. I've also almost finished with my packing. Bought two more medium boxes from Costcutter, which turned out to be smaller than I expected, but I've managed to squeeze stuff in them. May end up sticking any remaining random stuff into the backpack. It's finally starting to sink in, the fact that my first year of university is drawing to a close. Today was already the last time I'll be at Westwood Church for about three months. Went along with some of my church friends to a performance by Warwick Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir, which was an interesting experience! Came back after that and did my laundry. The stains still won't come off! So I'm going to have to take the clothes home and let my mum have a go at removing the stains. As for the dryer, I put in £1.50 instead of £1, but my clothes didn't come out any drier than usual. What gives? The clothes were, after all, tumbling for an extra 25 minutes.

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