Monday, June 22, 2009

Episode 273: Packed And Ready To Go

Had pancakes with my cell in the morning, and after that, we had our usual meeting stuff and then went to see Krisztina's Irish dancing performance. That was fun, and I also kind of like Celtic music anyway. Left to pick up my Good Food Society hoodie at the Arts Centre, and then rejoined my friends for a drink at The Dirty Duck. Then I came home and repacked. Now that has been depressing. I've bought an additional box, although I'm not sure how much lighter it's made my luggage. My laptop bag is stuffed full of books, so the laptop's going to go into the Crumpler, itself stuffed with books. You know what would be really nice? If somehow, when I arrive at Heathrow on Thursday, someone on my flight to Singapore spots me and offers to check in his/her luggage with me, thereby solving my overweight woes. Alternatively, a lucky break at the check-in counter, involving me smiling at the person handling my luggage and him/her ignoring the fact that my luggage is ridiculously overweight. If neither of these scenarios occurs, then there's only one solution: credit card. Sigh.

Anyway, when we were walking back towards The Dirty Duck, we saw a couple of ducklings in the pond outside the Mathematics building. They were really cute, just paddling away and what-not. However, there was one duckling that just wouldn't stick with the rest. Kept trying to climb up the ramp at the side of the pond. It was funny at first, but then it became a bit upsetting because the duckling just couldn't get out and was just wearing itself out trying. Apparently, the other ducklings were from a nest that someone had just taken off the roof of the building, but it seems that this particular duckling wasn't one of their number, hence the refusal to hang around the others. It was the closest thing to heartbreaking drama I've ever witnessed on campus! We weren't the only ones watching though, and after we left, some guy scooped the duckling out of the water and brought it to the other end of the pond. Didn't help though, and probably terrified it to death! Ah well. Maybe I can write a poem about this duckling? That would be an interesting poem, I think.

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