Friday, June 05, 2009

Episode 256: Today, Revision = Epic Fail

I think David Morley just gave me the Facebook equivalent of a slap on the wrist. So yeah, I will try to memorise some quotes for Tuesday's examination, even if they're all just incomplete fragments in my memory by the time I get to the venue. Today, so far I've failed to get any work done, despite staying up last night to read Williams. Am now taking my first tentative steps through Elizabeth Bishop's Complete Poems, and after that it shall be Eliot's Selected Poems and perhaps some random stuff on modernism to give all my reading a context to flounder in. The plan is to finish with all the primary texts by tonight, mull over it and quite literally dream up two brilliant theses. That will help to give my further reading some sort of direction. I'm not too bothered about Q7, since I'm writing about Eliot and Bishop for that. To be terribly reductive, he was sexist and she was lesbian; they're perfect for the question. If I can find a good quote on sexism in relation to modernism, I think I might have the beginnings of an opening sentence. Am feeling more iffy about Q3, simply because I'm not very sure what to say about Williams, Stoppard and Beckett. There's the obvious contrast between Williams early spareness and Stoppard's dense allusions, but there must surely be something to be said for Beckett and the idea of le mot juste too? Perhaps I should be decisive and eliminate one of the three?

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