Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Episode 260: Et L'été Commence...

So it's finally over. My first year as an undergraduate is essentially over. All that remains is a couple of weeks to tie up loose ends, before heading back to a country where the weather is slightly more predictable and spicy food actually packs a punch. The paper went well, I think. Wasn't nervous, although there were moments while writing when I sort of scratched my head and went, I should know what comes next but somehow it's escaped me. Did manage to put together two relatively coherent essays, so I'm almost definitely passing EN123, barring an exceptional disaster. Returned my library books, and then went to hang out in The Dirty Duck, where over the course of the afternoon/evening, I bumped into a lot of other people whom I wasn't expecting to see there. So just to clarify, Dan, I do not in fact know everyone. Today was an anomaly, I promise. We adjourned to Sophie's room, where we were greeted by the sight of Sophie sprawled on the floor, ostensibly asleep. More consumption of alcohol in a confined space followed, including my inviting Laura over in Sophie's name on Facebook while the latter was in the kitchen. To be fair, we could totally have done worse things with a logged-in Facebook account. Now I've just got back from the Library, where I was picking up some poetry to occupy myself for the rest of the week. Cool people go to the Library because we want to, not because we need somewhere to (try to) study. Haha! Lola was supposed to pass me our housing contract today, but somehow she forgot to call me. I would like to say that I was too drunk to call her, but the truth is that I just didn't think it was that big a deal.

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