Monday, June 15, 2009

Episode 266: Drinking Games

Went to Iceland and Tesco after my meeting for The Warwick Review and returning a couple of books at the Library. I now have enough food to last me till the end of term. Also began packing my stuff today, and I think about half the clothes that I'm bringing back are packed, as well as two boxes of books that are to be left at my new house over summer. Definitely have to pack away more stuff, although it looks like my initial plan to bring just one suitcase back is going to be a spectacular failure, simply because I have too many books that are to be brought back and left in Singapore. Oh well. I'll sort it out. There's still more than a week to go anyway! I am rather annoyed though, that once again, buying books online has resulted in me receiving an edition different from what was advertised. In this case, it was William Gibson's Count Zero. It was completely false advertising, given that the ISBN listed was for the edition I wanted and what I received was something completely different. This would seem to me to be one of the stronger arguments for the e-book industry. On a separate note, my handphone's display has officially gone haywire. Now the screen's just black all the time. It's a good thing I brought a spare handphone over!

On to happier things. Despite a sudden downpour in the afternoon, the rain had stopped by the time I had to leave for Laura's. I (sort of) went as Dorian Gray to her birthday party, which slowly but surely morphed into a series of drinking games, beginning with Ring Of Fire. Now I finally know how that game's played! I quite liked Paranoia, although it doesn't really lead to that much drinking, does it? Just lots of secrets being traded in whispers and revealed in shouts. We thought of going to Top Banana, but heard that the queues were ridiculously long, so we ended up just staying in International House and drinking. Ended up playing Truth Or Dare, which was, shall we say, very interesting. Somehow can't see myself playing drinking games with my friends back in Singapore though. Incidentally, by the end of the night, Alex's t-shirt was essentially rags pretending to be clothing. I wound up shuffling through the dark to Tesco with Dan, Reece and Sophie. That was fun, if a little random. Am pretty confident I won't be waking up with a hangover tomorrow, although I think alcohol and a cold don't go so well together. Have to be up early to catch the bus to Stratford-upon-Avon with Dan and Laura!

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