Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 268: More Baked Pasta

Woke up past noon and felt somewhat better. Bex came over for a bit in the afternoon so that I could help her sort out some DVD stuff. Took a while, and I told her to go home because I didn't know how much longer it would take. I actually figured out what needed to be done about an hour after she left, and then it was pretty easy from then on. Feel a bit geeky now for having worked everything out by myself! Went over to Tocil to make dinner at Hui Lin's place, and this time, the baked pasta was full of random stuff. Aubergines, bacon, beans, chicken sausages, eggs, ham. With processed cheese slices on top for good measure. Even low-grade cheese makes stuff taste better. Haha! So now I've used up half of my remaining pasta, and the remaining half is in an unopened bag, so that'll keep over summer. (My lunch, by the way, was as close to a balanced meal as I've ever got in three terms. I mean, I think I actually managed to cover all the major food groups for a change.) Headed off to The Dirty Duck after that to meet the usual suspects for a couple of drinks. Ended up at Lakeside, where some of the most boring/random conversation took place, depending on your perspective. Think I'm going to do some packing tomorrow...

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