Saturday, June 27, 2009

Episode 278: Jet Lag...

Finally got around to reading Max Barry's Jennifer Government, which gave rise to the online game, NationStates, which I played for a while years ago. It's very readable, although I know some of my friends would sniff at it for not being, shall we say, meaty enough. That's the problem though. I like writing essays about complicated literary works, but when it comes to actually reading something for fun, I'm more likely to pick whimsical or lightweight cleverness over deep, tortured intellectuality. Not that I won't read anything containing the latter; it's just not likely to be something I'd spend an hour on without some other compelling reason. Am still feeling jetlagged, so am thinking of having an early night after dinner. Not going to church tomorrow, so might stay at home all day and learn Spanish. Or Latin. Or Quenya. Would go to the library, but it feels somehow hypocritical to say I'm not going to church because of the quarantine but still go along to the library, even though I do think the concept of quarantine is a bit flawed and Singapore's current number of cases suggests that it's a bit futile anyway.

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