Sunday, June 07, 2009

Episode 258: Work Has Been An Eye-opener

The title of this entry says it all. While reading an essay on gender and modernism, I stumbled upon a paragraph that confirmed what I'd suspected ever since I began doing serious work for Tuesday's paper: I could have completely swapped my texts between the questions, and they would still provide adequate material for crafting answers. Different answers, obviously, but decent nonetheless. That's versatility for you. Have pretty much sorted out Q3, so as long as I don't forget what I'm actually planning to say, I should be fine once I stick a couple of choice quotations in my head. Am now in the process of fleshing out a plan for Q7. Tempting as it is to actually write out bits of my answers in full and memorise them instead of relying on an admittedly sound plan, I'm not going to do that. Knowing me, I'd probably blank and end up writing rubbish. As it is, my plans are pretty straightforward. None of the subtlety that usually turns up in my usual EN123 essays, at least not at a structural level. I am hoping that the arguments I'm making for each question are sufficiently nuanced to impress, and I am particularly pleased that the vague idea I had about using chronology to answer Q3 has turned out to be something workable, thanks to a critical essay I found in a Cambridge Companion. Will probably do a little bit more work, and then get some, for once, well-deserved rest.

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