Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Episode 281: Yesterday Redux

Stayed up to a crazy hour to finish reading The Evil Seed. The ending is overly melodramatic, but for a first novel, it's not too shabby on the whole. Instead of starting on the next novel, Sleep, Pale Sister, I've decided to start reading Katie Roiphe's Uncommon Arrangements, which is about the marital lives of seven couples of the London literary circle in the years before the Second World War. Completely random, I know. It was one of the books Michael Hulse wanted to get rid of when we last met for The Warwick Review, and I thought this was finally a work of non-fiction that I wouldn't mind reading. Am thinking of heading out tomorrow afternoon to get Eugene Chan's hard drive, and possibly pick up a couple of library books along the way. Am now continuing with Mental, which is shaping up into a cross of Grey's Anatomy and House, i.e. too much drama. Within three episodes, there have been enough surprise revelations to fuel one full season of another show. This does not bode well for the longevity of this series! The repeated unsubtle hints that Chris Vance's character, Jack Gallagher, is hot don't exactly help. We get the point, writers, move along now. I mean, Gregory House is considered one of TV's sexiest doctors, and the writers didn't have to keep emphasising that to us.

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