Thursday, June 11, 2009

Episode 262: Déjà Fait

Today's passed largely in the same way as yesterday, except that I had cluster this evening. Had a chicken vindaloo curry for dinner, which is possibly the first spicy thing I've had here that has lived up to its advertising. I know, shocking, isn't it? This wasn't even an Indian restaurant, just The City Arms in Earlsdon. First thing to eat when I get home: laksa from the hawker centre opposite my block. Had the most random thought during cluster, which was that I ought to buy some kickass speakers for my room next year, just so that I can blast my music properly and sing along to it. In tune, I'd like to point out. Cluster ended sometime just after 9 pm, so I did make it to Varsity in the end. I think my mum's a bit worried that I'm trying to get totally smashed, which I'm not. I'm just wondering what my limits are so that I can avoid reaching them. Even when I was at Café del Mar, I was not drunk at any point, despite throwing up in the middle of the night. To end on a random note, I should read some poetry on the coach to London. John Ashbery, I think. Have been meaning to get into his work all term, but never had enough time to do so, by which I mean that I was procrastinating from actually having to use my brain to engage with something, as opposed to vegetating in front of my laptop.

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