Sunday, June 14, 2009

Episode 265: Big Day Out!

Just got back from drinks at The Dirty Duck again. (Alex's idea, not mine. I would've just gone to sleep!) Finances looking a bit tight at the moment, but only because I'm actually trying to save some money for a change. Might have to save less than I'd planned for, although technically, that bridge has long been crossed. Anyway, I think the Nokia Nseries PC Suite is a bit too much technology for my liking. Was just trying to find a way to import my pictures, but it somehow became a synchronisation of all the pictures in my handphone. Urgh. It seems that it is possible to just copy them from the handphone itself, as if it were a hard drive, so that's what I've done, which means that photographs from the Big Day Out are now up! The safari tour was good fun, although the coach got a bit stuffy towards the end. My camera sort of died in the middle, and I didn't want to switch to my handphone's camera yet, so I had to keep sneaking shots in before the camera shut itself off. Tricky, but it worked reasonably well. I should probably add that my handphone is misbehaving as well! The display keeps going black when I slide it open, which is definitely not normal behaviour. I've only noticed it happening today and I hope it's not a sign of impending failure, although that would a perfect excuse to get my hands on the Nokia N97...

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